Thursday, February 10, 2011

St. Francis visits Senior Infant homes

We have been learning a lot about Saint Francis over the past few weeks and  we saw a lovely cartoon with five different stories about his life. We all loved the story about Saint Francis and the Wolf. It was great that St. Francis could make peace between the wolf and the people of Gubbio. In fact the wolf and the people of Gubbio became such good friends that when the wolf died some years later all the people in the town were really sad and missed him so much!! We have a toy St. Francis in class and we each get a chance to take him home with us and then the next day we tell the rest of the class about all the activities we did with St. Francis. So far St. Francis has been to the cinema, a soccer match, Supermacs, watched Dvd's, eaten speghetti and helped with homework to name just a few things, and he has many more adventures in store over the coming weeks!!! In religion this week we are learning about what the word peace means and we heard the story about how Jack and Jill had a row and how their Daddy helped them to make peace with one another and become friends again. We learned that it is important to say sorry if we hurt somebody or their feelings. We also decided that it is important to forgive. We practised saying sorry and shaking hands with one another just as Jack and Jill had done. Then we learned how to do bubble writing and we wrote the word peace in bubble writing and decorated it.


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